The Venice Diaries: Day Two

Sometimes I think of my mini trip in Venice and it feels like an actual dream, so here I am again to try and capture a snippet of the time I spent in the beautiful city. This time, as the title suggests, it’s day two, or the 22nd March 2019. And we’re going on an adventure!

I began the day with a cappuccino and delicious vegan croissant from a coffee shop around the corner from the hostel. I was up and about in the early morning sun, around 8am on a Friday, so it was calm and quiet but the hustle and bustle of workers was starting to fill the main streets.

Where’s the boat?

I decided to wander towards San Marco and look for a boat. Yes, my plans were that vague.

I knew I wanted to take a trip to Burano and I knew I’d have to get there by boat, but I had no clue about where said boat would be, how much it would cost or even what type of boat trip I needed.

After quickly dismissing an 80 euro (!!) taxi, I found a boat trip touring the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello would be leaving at 9.30am so I grabbed a 20 euro ticket and prepared for my first (and only) boat ride of my time in Venice.

View from the boat leaving Venice

Stop one: Murano

The small group set sail and we had a short journey past some neighbouring islands before heading towards Murano; windows open, sun beaming and water splashing as the boat kicked into gear.

Our tour guide explained that Murano is famous for its glass making, an art that has been kept secret by moving all of the glass factories from Venice to Murano.

The view arriving in Murano

Once off the boat, we all headed into a factory to see firsthand how the renowned glass is made in the furnace, decorated with colours and shaped into different objects, such as a vase and a horse. The one below was made in front of us and was skillfully manipulated in a matter of minutes!

Handmade in front of us!

I had a quick explore of the small island, taking in the quaint buildings, pastel colours and the beautiful morning sun before jumping back on the boat for island number two!

Stop two: Burano

I had high expectations for Burano. I had seen photos of its colourful houses and the stunning views, but I’d also heard it can get busy for that very reason.

Burano did not let me down. I think I spent the whole time there wandering around with hearts in my eyes and a smile on my face. I disappeared down every little nook that I could just to see more of the rainbow of hues that the island has painted its houses in. Baby pink, bright green, luminous yellow, deep red, radiant blue and sunshine orange – you name it, they’ve painted it. What’s more, it wasn’t busy at all, it was just enough for it to feel alive but you could easily wander at your own pace.

I pulled up a seat outside a cute little cafe with my go-to spritz (of course!) and an apricot biscuit, and sat people-watching, enjoying the summer-like heat and wondering how on earth a place so beautiful exists.

Very on brand

The cafe had a jar of biscuits that Burano is famous for resting on the counter so I obviously grabbed one for the walk back to the boat. It is like a mix between a shortbread and marzipan. Delicious but not too sugary-sweet!

Of course, I brought a bag of these home

Stop three: Torcello

Next up was the sparsely populated island of Torcello. From what I saw of my walk around the island, there was a couple of cafes/restaurants, a cathedral and some religious structures and statues. It bordered between a relaxing, calm atmosphere and an eerie ‘why is it so quiet‘ feel (especially when surrounded by statues).

I took a stroll around the island whilst a man on an accordion played some jazzy music. It felt a bit like I was on a movie set – surely this can’t be real life!? Following a couple of hours of wandering in awe, I decided it was time for food so I stopped in a small open cafe in an outdoor garden to enjoy another spritz and some amazing home cooked chips. The local birds even joined in, pinching scraps from the table and my hand!

My mouth is watering just remembering how good those chips were

Back to Venice

After what felt like a full day exploring islands surrounding Venice, I made it back to the city and it had only just turned 1.30 pm – I had a full afternoon ahead of me!

As my nose was starting to burn (guess who forgot to pack sun cream?) and my legs were starting to give up on me, I headed back to the hostel for a nap. After a quick snooze, I decided to visit the quirky bar on the end of the street serving a whole host of guest craft beers, ciders and (the best) cicchetti.

Cicchetti are little savoury snacks sold in bars, pubs, restaurants and loads of different places in Venice.

I sat in the window and enjoyed my first (expensive!) cider and a couple of cicchetti ft. brie and sundried tomato and creamy spinach with olive. Yum!

Cider and snack, the perfect afternoon break

Two new friends

Full of snacks, I headed back to the hostel to meet up with Callie to go and watch the sunset. I know, how romantic can this trip get?

We joined up with another girl who had just moved into the hostel for the night – a lovely 18 year old named Jess, who’s also from the U.K. and was on a 5 week solo travel of Europe!

We stood and watched the sun go down whilst chatting about life, then moved to the water’s edge to watch the sky turn a dusky pink before enveloping us in a starry night sky. Now it was time for some food and drinks!

We did a little tour of a couple of bars along the street behind the hostel and grabbed a couple of slices of cheap and delicious pizza. Callie even managed to wangle a free (early) birthday shot of tequila from a hilariously drunk man singing Backstreet Boys to us.

As you can imagine, this is a day I will remember for quite some time.

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