My Favourite Places to Eat and Drink in Cardiff

I thought it was about time that I wrote something celebrating some of my favourite activities (eating and drinking) in one of my favourite places (Cardiff!).

They’re likely places that you’ve seen and heard of – but if they’re not, I definitely recommend you add them to the agenda next time you’re in Cardiff. As you may be able to tell, I spend most of my time in Cardiff drinking coffee, grabbing some delicious, fried food and then heading for a pint. If that sounds good to you – you’ll like these places!

Hard Lines

This is my favourite place for an on-the-go coffee (and not just because I’m a sucker for cute branding). They not only do great coffee but the Dirty Barb (a beetroot latte with a shot of coffee for those unfamiliar with Barb) is delicious and the vegan snickers bars frequently find their way into my order! Make a beeline for them when you’re in Cardiff Market (and follow on IG for quality coffee-related bants).

Corner Coffee

One of the best places to pull up a seat and grab a delicious coffee. The staff are lovely and I always try to nab a spot in the window – whether I’m working or reading – because it’s great for a relaxing atmosphere and people watching.

Big Moose Coffee Co.

I immediately fell in love with the ethos of this place (plus it helped that the staff were friendly and warm as soon as I stepped through the door). Big Moose runs just like any normal coffee shop but the profits are used to help homeless and disadvantaged people get back into work and society. The food is delicious. The environment is lovely. The goal is admirable. What more could you ask for?

Falafel Corner

I was introduced to Falafel Corner by a friend – even though I’d passed by numerous times, I had never gone in so I was so glad when she suggested it for lunch. You basically get to design your own flavoursome meal around the best things – falafel, hummus and huge bowls of salad. Whether you’re vegan or not – this is a must visit place!

Tiny Rebel

If I’m going for a drink in Cardiff you can almost guarantee that I’ll be in Tiny Rebel. As a cider lover, they have a great range of different flavours for me to try – and beers to keep everyone else happy! The menu is also fantastic – imagine the best deep fried, salty and delicious food and you’re there.


Hidden underground. Hopbunker is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy a wide range of craft beer in Cardiff. Sure, I may be slightly biased considering a whole bunch of the beers you’ll find there are brewed by my dad aka Hopcraft Brewing. But if you’re looking for a great pint or two – give it a go!


There’s no way I wasn’t going to include pizza on this list. There’s still plenty of pizza places in Cardiff that I want to try but for the moment, Ffwrnes is top of that list (and for good reason!). They make a damn good, authentic pizza – I always have mine topped with mushrooms!

Fabulous Welshcakes

If you’re just visiting Cardiff and want to enjoy some Welsh food then you can’t go wrong with a Welshcake. Especially if they’re Fabulous! There’s a great range of different flavours to try – or you can stick to the original! – and they’re particularly good hot off the griddle.

Greazy Vegan

This place is always packed – and I can definitely see why. Vegan junk food is just getting better and better. So, if you like your fried food vegan – or you’re open to trying it – Greazy Vegan do a great range of burgers and fast food that you’ll just want to inhale in one go. Alongside a disgustingly delicious burger, the chips are pretty fab too!

Where are your favourite places to eat and drink in Cardiff? Comment below so I can add them to my ‘to-try’ list!

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