Spending Time in Swansea: What to Eat, Drink and Do!

Since moving closer to Swansea, I have made a point of getting to know the city and finding out more about what it has to offer.

Swansea can sometimes get a bit of a bad rap but it’s a beautiful place with stunning seaside views, hills to climb, beers to drink, food to eat and shops to wander around. You just have to know where to look!

In this blog, I’m sharing some of my favourite things to see and do in and around Swansea!

Beer Riff

Hands down one of my favourite places in Swansea! Great craft beers, awesome views, delicious pizza and lovely staff – what more could you ask for?

(You’ll often find the cutest dogs in here too!)

Beer Riff is a great place to spend the day or evening drinking your way through the taps, indulging in pizza (meat, veggie or vegan!) and playing board games or sitting in the beer garden overlooking the harbour.

Copper Bar

Another place you’ll usually find me when I’m in Swansea – whether that’s pausing for a coffee break or grabbing a pint.

Copper Bar is the craft bar of Swansea’s microbrewery, Boss Brewing. I’m a sucker for the wood/copper interior – it’s a really relaxing place to take a book and sip a coffee. But there’s also a pool and ping pong table downstairs to keep you busy!

Broadside Tattoo Studio

If you’re not into tattoos then this one probably ain’t for you. Me, on the other hand? I love this place!

It’s a great studio in the centre with one of my favourite tattoo artists, Debbie Jones. I totally recommend if you’re looking for a new piece – or even just considering your first tattoo!

Turtle Bay

This is a new one to me and I generally try to recommend indies over chains, but if you’re looking for some more vegetarian or vegan options in Swansea then Turtle Bay does some awesome dishes!

My brother and I were talking about how good the vegan brunch was for hours afterwards! The curried chickpeas are delicious.

Cinema & Co.

This is the cutest little cinema ever!

Perfect for a date night or cosying up with friends, Cinema & Co is an unique, independent film house showing new, classic and cult films.

What makes it even better is that you sit on sofa beds and you can even order pizza to snack on during the film!

Sounds like a perfect night to me.

The Environment Centre

The Environment Centre is a great place to visit if you’re interested in making eco-friendly swaps as the community hub encourages positive changes for the environment.

On my first visit I picked up some reusable make up wipes and my brother picked up bamboo chopsticks to carry with him for meals.

Alongside the green shop, there’s also a coffee shop where you can relax and they often run workshops where you can learn more and meet likeminded people.


If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful – head to the beach!

There’s fantastic views and you can even rent a bike to ride along the front. Pack a picnic and you’re sorted!

Kilvey Hill

If you fancy something a bit different and you’re willing to travel just 10 minutes outside of the centre of Swansea, you’ll find Kilvey Hill.

Historically, the hill is known as Y Bigwrn in Welsh and stands at just 633 ft – but it’s a fair old climb!

There’s stunning panoramic views over the city and the harbour so it’s well worth the walk.

Have you ever visited Swansea?

Let me know if you have any more recommendations or whether I’ve convinced you to give the city a go!

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