Being in Barcelona: Day Three

My final full day in Barcelona was pretty dreamy, despite the random downpours of rain, heavy thunder and dark skies… if anything, that just added to the atmosphere of the day!

After wandering past Black Remedy the day before, I made a mental note to head there for breakfast at the next opportunity.

The deli and coffee bar serves an awesome breakfast menu and delicious coffee so I hid from the first storm of the day and had avocado, eggs, feta and sun-dried tomatoes on bread – which was as good as it sounds.

Heading out, I decided to have another stroll about admiring all the incredible old buildings and architecture on display – which were conveniently placed en route to a cute vintage kilo store I’d found out about online.

Tucked down a little side street, I finally found Flamingos Vintage Kilo store and stopped in for browse – and hoped I didn’t love anything too much as my tiny bag wouldn’t allow space for much more!

But, of course, I did.

I stumbled upon a gorgeous green, purple and red plaid style skirt in a crinkled material – and well, I couldn’t leave without it could I?

It was a bargain at just 8€!

All the thrifting had worked up a thirst so I ventured over to nearby coffee shop, Nomad, a Barcelona-based coffee roaster. It turned out to be great timing as another thunder storm passed overhead!

After the caffeine fix, I admitted defeat and booked a taxi to Park Güell as my feet couldn’t take an extra hour of walking (and I haven’t yet mastered public transport in different countries – I plan to work on it!).

I spent an hour or two wandering around the park, taking in the views and trying to find the best vantage point for the Gaudí buildings (without a ticket to get up close, unfortunately).

When it was time to start heading back towards the hostel, I hoped to pass some cafes or bars along the way to break up the hour long walk – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Firstly, I found Quinoa Bar Vegetaria, a great little veggie/vegan spot not too far from the park. I pulled up a seat at the bar for a spritz and an incredible zoodle pasta dish with pesto and tomatoes.

It looks pretty simple but it was delicious and filled me up ready for the long walk back to the hostel. However, the walk was cut a bit short when I found Bodega Marin.

This cosy bar was stocked full of wines and spirits – which made it hard to decide what to order. I settled on a glass of cava, which was just 2€!

As I made the long journey back to my dorm, I decided, despite the fact that I didn’t bring any swimming kit, I had to get in the sea. I just knew I’d regret it if I didn’t.

So I headed down to the water, chucked my clothes off and ran into the sea just as it started raining. It was so beautiful, it felt almost poetic as the raindrops hit the water and they sparkled.

Even as I’m typing this I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s all true – it was just that good.

After my spontaneous dip and a refreshing shower, I knew my last meal in Barcelona should be some really good tapas so I made my way over to the vegan and vegetarian tapas bar, BarCeloneta.

I’m so glad I made the decision to stop here because the food was stunning!

I had patatas al romesco, 4D corn (turmeric polenta cubes stuffed with mushrooms in a parmesan-style almond coating) and Las Perlas del Mediterranean, or Mediterranean’s Pearls, which consisted of pesto, baba ganush, artichoke pâté and sun-dried tomato paste served with focaccia.

It was all washed down with a local and organic rosé!

It was the perfect way to end my stay in Barcelona. I finished up the night with a stroll along the beach before heading to bed ahead of my 4am alarm ready to fly back to Cardiff.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my few days in Barcelona – and hopefully you’ve picked up a few recommendations if you’re planning to visit too!

If you missed them, you can read about day one here and day two here.

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