When Can You Call Yourself Creative?

Every now and again, I like to take time for being creative by exploring new environments and giving myself space to think about new ideas.

It was on one of these days, wandering through the city to a cute, plant-based cafe in Cardiff, that I started wondering about creativity and when you can start calling yourself a ‘creative’ person.

I’ve always struggled with the idea of creativity and being creative as I wasn’t quite sure I fit the bill.

Sure, I love art in many different forms (from graffiti and tattoos to photography and writing) and like to try my hand at creating beautiful and meaningful things, but is that enough to be called a creative person?

For a long time, imposter syndrome held me back from thinking anything I did was creative. It took a lot of wondering and a few epiphanies to realise that yes, I was actually creating things. I like to take photos, I enjoy writing and I try to see things in ways that other people don’t.

It was only this year (and, in fact, very recently) that I started to really consider myself as a creative person. I held myself back from claiming this part of my identity for fear of someone saying ‘but you’re not really that creative, are you?’ or questioning the validity of the things that I made with my hands and mind.

Starting this blog has been a huge catalyst in allowing me to see myself as a creative person. Although I may still struggle with it day-to-day or when I’m working on a new piece, I now see that the creativity doesn’t have one true definition or set of criteria to be achieved.

After pondering the question of ‘when can you call yourself creative?’, I realised that your creativity can only be defined by you.

For some people, being creative means drawing, painting, writing, cooking, fashion, making music, collecting art, sharing ideas or whatever else it may stand for.

I always thought I had a creative brain – but didn’t think that was enough to take the title of a ‘creative’ but now I realise your creativity is whatever you want it to be.

It’s how you see the world, it’s how you form ideas and it’s how you make things. You are only as creative as you allow, and recognise, yourself to be. It’s all about recognising the worth of what you do.

So yes, I’m creative. And all it took was a little bit of self-belief to realise it.


  1. Of course you are. Writing is creating. Your adventurous spirit stems from creativity, too, I’m sure. Even your style–hair, clothes, tattoos–shows that you are creative.

    You are right–we have to allow ourselves to be creative. I don’t often allow myself to be; even in my 40’s, I try to hard to be like everyone else. That gets back to your courage over comfort post.

    I really enjoy your writing.

    1. I love this response, I really needed some kind words today so thank you!

      I think being creative can take a lot of work, whatever age you are so keep going! It’s easy to see from your writing that you have a natural flair for it.

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