Rainbows Over Cardiff: My First Time At Pride!

Despite stumbling upon a Pride march a few years ago and spending an evening at the festival with a friend to see Years & Years perform, I’ve never actually attended Pride Cymru before – so I decided to change that this year!

As it turns out, this was a great decision as Pride Cymru 2019 welcomes 20 years of Pride in Cardiff – and the sun decided to join us to celebrate too!

After a busy morning, me and my partner, Ryan, parked up in Roath and headed over to the centre stopping at Blossom along the way. This is a new go-to place for me when I head into Cardiff!

We grabbed a coffee and some baklava to go. For some reason I’ve never tried baklava before and I have NO idea why not. It was delicious! So buttery and flaky but not too sweet for me.

After a coffee and sweet treat break we finally made it to Cardiff’s Pride!

We grabbed a drink and started wandering around all the different stalls – collecting lots of badges, stickers and head bobbers. I even managed to get my hands on a Spectrum brush (my first!) which I was pretty happy about.

There were so many different and amazing outfits – I love how creative and expressive people were!

Next up we spent some time around the different stages enjoying the performances and another pint in the sun!

I would have loved to stay all afternoon and night but we had to get back and pack, ready for our travels tomorrow. But we of course had time for some lunch before we left Cardiff!

I know it doesn’t look pretty but I am absolutely obsessed with the food at Greazy Vegan at the moment. The chicken gravy is just like the gravy at KFC – but plant based!

I really enjoyed Pride Cymru, the atmosphere was so lovely and welcoming. Everyone was super friendly and the sunny weather made for a perfect day. Hopefully I’ll get to spend more time there next year!

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