A Food and Craft Beer Tour of Copenhagen

You can always tell it’s been a trip of indulgent eating when you get back home and look forward to filling yourself with bowls of salad and heaps of veggies rather than carbs, carbs and more carbs!

Although I’m ready to return to my normal, healthy eating, I thought I would share and celebrate all the delicious food and drink I got to try during my visit to Copenhagen.

Feel free to drool along with me and maybe even add them to your ‘to do’ list if you’re planning a visit any time soon.

Here’s some of the amazing places we ate and drank at during our trip to Copenhagen!

Wulff & Konstali

I have to start with this cafe first as it’s the first place I bought any food in CPH (a delicious lemony pastry), where we ate our first breakfast and the cutest place I visited almost every day to grab a coffee before heading out.

It was right around the corner from our Airbnb apartment and the perfect little cafe filled with plants.

My favourite meal here was definitely the brunch. Rather than a typical plate filled with sweet or savoury treats, the brunches in Copenhagen are a bit more of a pic’n’mix.

You start by grabbing a little menu and tick off 5 or 7 items that you’d like, creating your own breakfast board of food.

Over the course of two days we tried: the bread basket (of course), scrambled eggs, cheese and chutney, avocado, chia seed pudding, yoghurt and granola, melon, orange slices, a spelt pastry and waffles.

It all was as delicious as it sounds but my personal favourites were the scrambled eggs topped with chives and the waffles topped with a mousse-like strawberry sauce. Mmmm!

Veggie Heroes

This was an unexpected find on our first night. We went on a wander around the city after we arrived around 4pm.

As we spotted a Mikkeller bar, the sign for Veggie Heroes also caught my eye so we decided to take a look. Anywhere that’s solely vegan or vegetarian usually draws my interest so I wanted to see what was on offer.

After seeing a plant based menu of Indian dishes, it didn’t take long for us to decide this was where we were having dinner.

It’s pretty simple inside and as only the buffet was on, it was very much a ‘help yourself’ affair. You dish up what you want, choose your beer and you’re good to go.

The food was incredible. There were so many varieties of ‘meat’ curry dishes as well as those created around beans and pulses such as my favourite, dal.

My stand out dishes were the spicy beef curry and crispy pork! I’ve never had them in a vegan style before so it was exciting to finally get to eat them after years without.


After days of walking in the beautiful (but very hot!) weather, by the last evening we were too tired to head out for food and decided to enjoy a drink in the apartment and order in some vegan burgers.

I’d seen Souls pop up a few times and it had been a contending restaurant to visit but we didn’t get the chance – so the fact that they deliver worked perfectly in our favour!

I went for the pulled mushroom burger with kale, coleslaw, BBQ sauce and extra ‘cheese’ and ‘bacon’. Ryan went for the BBQ bacon burger and we shared some golden fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings.

We’d both been craving a burger so it definitely hit the spot and is up there with the really great vegan burgers I’ve tried. Gooey, a bit smokey and packed with flavour.


This was a must-visit place for us!

This craft bar is the lovechild of American brewery 3 Floyds and Danish brewery Mikkeller.

The industrial building offers authentic Texas barbecue and American-Danish beers served on big wooden tables in what feels like a big kitchen. Even as a vegetarian, I could appreciate the slow’n’low smells of the BBQ.

We enjoyed a couple of beers and shorts of their own delicious, smooth rum and vodka whilst sat outside in the golden afternoon light. We then moved inside to order some mac’n’cheese and pickles – we definitely weren’t going to miss out on the food here!

The food was really good – rather than just tasting like a quick, junk food-y snack, they both tasted perfectly made to accompany the meat on offer. If BBQ meat is your thing then you’d love it at Warpigs.

Also, Mikkeller’s shop is just a few steps away and it’s definitely worth taking a look if you’re a fan of their branding and art. We picked up some cute new pin badges, a postcard and some of the dark and decadent Beer Geeks chocolate.


After a long day of walking, we decided to try and find a local craft pub to stop in and rest our feet. SKAAL popped up and we decided to pay a visit.

There were so many different beers to choose from with a digital board helping to make the choice easier with information on the brewery and type of beer. Ryan’s personal favourite was Yakima by Jacobsen, a Danish IPA.

There was a great playlist on with a wide range of music playing as we sipped our drinks. After eyeing up some of the tasty burgers that kept passing by us, we decided to grab some of the SKAAL fries (topped with Parmesan!).


We spent one day exploring a couple of neighbourhoods recommended on culture trip which included Jægersborggade and Sankt Hans Gade.

As we were wandering between the two we stopped for a drink at The Laundromat Cafe and spotted MyPoké next door. Ryan had never tried pokè before so we decided to give it a go.

The place was very cool inside and the staff were lovely. The food was incredible – tasty and fresh. Although the large bowl was perhaps a bad decision on my part as the rice pretty much knocked us out and we had to take a nap in a nearby park!

We both went for the bowls with tofu, edamame beans, sweet potato, red cabbage, pickled onions and seaweed. The bowls were accompanied by a delicious soy sauce and we both added a miso mayo with sriracha to spice it up!

To Øl

This was another ‘must visit’ craft brewery on our list for Copenhagen and when we realised we were just a 15 minute walk away from BRUS, To Øl’s brewpub, whilst exploring Jægersborggade, it made perfect sense to pop in.

The bar was in a huge open, light and airy building with another great selection of beers on tap and spirits to choose from. We didn’t get chance to eat here (being way too full from poké) but the smell coming from the open kitchen was tempting.

It’s also worth taking a peek in their on-site beer shop as there’s a good selection of cans and bottles to choose from (we grabbed a few beers and ciders for the apartment, as well as a new glass).


Smørrebrød is everywhere in Copenhagen – I think you’d struggle to not come across it on your travels.

It’s basically a traditional Scandinavian open-faced sandwich. It’s typically made with a piece of dark, dense rye bread and topped with some kind of fish, meat or cheese.

You can find vegetarian options, although there only tend to be one or two. I wasn’t going to let this put me off so we decided on a walk one day to grab a piece.

We popped into a small little deli and chose the veggie option of potato, tomato and salad. Potato on bread is like my dream combination.

The man who served us was lovely and helped us work out what we could eat and then proceeded to let us off with just the small bit of change we had to pay with when our cards wouldn’t work. That’s smørrebrød with service!


Another great little cafe and breakfast joint that we visited a few times on our way into the centre.

The coffee was strong, the food was delicious and the staff were lovely.

One day we decided to sit outside and watch the world go by whilst enjoying a latte and avocado and eggs on toast. I was quite relieved to eat something fresh and green after a lot of heavy food!

The shop, as you might expect, is themed around bikes and has very cool decor so whether you sit inside or outside you’ll get a good view.

Pop up food market

On our last full day we planned to visit Christianshavn and Freetown Christiania.

As we looped back around over the water to head to Nyhavn, we stumbled upon a pop up food market with everything from Indian and Mexican food to different types of Italian.

I’d been craving some pasta so I headed straight for that stand (after grabbing a cider, of course!).

The pasta was simple but oh-so delicious. Just mounds of spaghetti with rich, fresh tomato and basil sauce and a sprinkling of Parmesan. Simple pasta is my favourite!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the great food and drink I experienced in Copenhagen and, if you’re lucky enough to visit, you now have a few places to add to your to-do list in this lovely city!

Ps. Huge shout out to Ryan who actually took me on this trip as a treat!

Where are you favourite places to visit in Europe? I’m always looking to add new cities to my list and I’d love to hear your recommendations. Let me know in the comments.


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