Copenhagen City Style: Four Outfits in Four Days

Travelling alone is fun, but to try and keep costs to a minimum I take a teeny-tiny backpack with the bare minimum amount of clothing to keep me covered and clean during my trip. It usually revolves around a change of two t-shirts, so not very adventurous or fun when it comes to styling.

I roll with it when I’m on a solo-travel but one of the things I was looking forward to on my time away on Copenhagen was being able to put outfits together for each day – depending on the weather, my mood and what we were getting up to. I thought I’d share the four outfits I wore on our four full days exploring Denmark’s capital.

Day One: Feelin’ Floaty

Just before we left, I picked up one of my all-time favourite secondhand purchases from a local charity shop – an oversized, slightly dropped hem, autumnal coloured and patterned maxi dress. It’s a mix of reddish-browns, creamy beiges and blue/black tones. At just £2.99 I was smitten.

It’s the perfect material for wandering around a city on a sunny day – the air flows through freely and I couldn’t help but feel very romantic and whimsical in such a floaty dress. I paired it with my chunky black trainers (mainly for practical reasons!) and my pink faux-leather backpack for a pop of colour. My leopard print sunnies were a must-wear too!

Day Two: Utility Vibes

On day two I decided it was time to pull out my new baggy jeans from Zara. I’m pretty loyal to my skinny jeans but I recently tried these on in the pursuit of less figure-hugging trousers and fell in love.

They’re a thick but surprisingly light dark denim material but the oversized pockets and lining in the fabric gives them a masculine, utility vibe which was pretty in keeping with Copenhagen’s Scandi street style.

I paired these with my large striped yellow cotton t-shirt for comfort and to give a bit of colour without taking away from the masc-vibes and added my double hooped rose gold ASOS belt for a bit of statement in the accessories and to tie it all together.

Day Three: Perfectly Plaid

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to wear another one of my best vintage finds on this trip. I actually found this green, purple, red and black beauty in Flamingo’s Vintage Kilo in Barcelona and can see this skirt becoming a bit of a travel staple.

It’s a great skirt material – thick, but not too heavy and so easy to wear. Pair it with any kind of t-shirt and it looks great.

On this day, I decided to match it with my oatmeal Hallow Collective ‘Heavier Than Heaven, Louder Than Hell‘ t-shirt so that the skirt could do the talking. The back print is the real stand out element of this top and it peeked through behind my pink bag.

It was time to change up the footwear so I went with my (secondhand) black and white Converse which I think always add a bit of fun to any outfit.

Day Four: Monochrome Mood

On our final full day, I was feeling really inspired by the street style of Copenhagen and wanted to emulate it with the limited wardrobe I had with me at the apartment.

Wandering around the city there was a lot of boxy cuts, oversized fits, monochromatic colours and formal-meets-relaxed styling. I loved it!

My take on this saw me pair my utility-style, baggy denim jeans with an oversized blue t-shirt (another fantastic vintage find!).

I enjoyed mixing the different blue hues together and the t-shirt really popped against the jeans. The oversized nature of the clothing really played into the relaxed vibe but wearing them together gave a cool boxy feel to the outfit. Again, the Converse helped to tie it all together with a practical but stylish finish!

I hope you enjoyed my outfits as much as I enjoyed pulling them together.

Let me know which one is your favourite (and which vintage item you like the most!) in the comments.


  1. Love the maxi dress. Very 90’s grunge which is my vibe. The bright blue T looks awesome on you with your red hair. 👌x

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