Did I Achieve My New Year’s Resolutions?

I know a lot of people aren’t particularly invested in the idea of New Year’s resolutions or setting time-orientated goals but I love it.

At the beginning of each year, after the buzz of Christmas is over, I love to spend some time reflecting on the past year and setting my intentions for the next 12 months.

It’s a great opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what you have achieved, the things you’ve enjoyed about the year and what you’d like to improve moving forward.

As we approach December, I thought it would be a great time to look back on my resolutions, see how well they’ve gone and what I have learned as a result.


Visit 3 new places

I’m so, so happy to say I have achieved this one!

This was a really exciting challenge for me because usually I would be referring to local places within Wales and the U.K. However, this year I took the leap and headed out on my very first solo adventure around Europe.

I was lucky enough to visit Venice, Barcelona and Copenhagen (as well as a cabin stay in Cenarth, Wales, which was new for me!).

This is a great big tick for me, and something that will help shape my ‘20 resolutions too.

Sell my old car

I had a bit of help from family with this one, and it’s not exactly life changing, but my old car was just hanging about, taking up space and energy whilst trying to get rid of it.

Finally, selling it this month gave me a little bit of money to pay off some debts and now it’s gone, it’s a worry off the list. Sometimes getting rid of a seemingly insignificant, nagging issue can be a massive weight off your shoulders!

Have a low-spend year

The initial aim to reduce my spending started transform throughout the year as I began thinking about and working on it. Over time, it became particularly related to clothes.

I’ve become pretty passionate about moving away from fast fashion and mindless buying. It was making me feel uncomfortable. I no longer want to contribute to the industry and want to enjoy shopping in a new way.

Enter second hand shopping.

Alongside significantly reducing the amount of shopping I do, I have also committed to buying second hand or sustainable clothing as much as possible.

As a result, I think about 90% of my purchases this year have been vintage – and I genuinely love them. Second hand shopping feels much more personal and unique.

Although I could defintely cut back on spending a bit more than I have (hello, pizza delivery!), I’m happy to have started a new habit that I can carry into another year.

Start (and continue running) a blog

After years of wishing but hesitating to start a blog, I finally gave in and began How to Breathe Deep.

After setting it up in January, I posted my first blog in February. I’ve posted something every month and had some really amazing comments and feedback on my posts so thank you thank you thank you if you ever take the time to read this blog.

As I approach a whole year of blogging I’m excited to look back and reflect on a year of writing and trying to embrace my own creativity!

Step out of my comfort zone

It’s a slightly more vague resolution but, as I’ve mentioned a few (or a hundred) times, my ‘theme’ for this year was ‘courage over comfort’ so I’ve tried to take this approach to life as much as possible.

As a result, 2019 has seen me travel solo, reach out to people and make new friends, do multiple photoshoots, set up a blog, attend inspiring events and put myself out there so much more than I usually would.

It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

Read 24 books

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to achieve this one by the end of December, unless I can somehow inhale 9 books in 4 weeks. Regardless, it’s been a fun one to try and tackle!

So far, I’ve read 15 amazing books and I’ve got a stack of books in my TBR pile that I can’t wait to pick up. It might not be a tick off the list but I’m glad that reading is part of my daily routine again.


How are you resolutions going for 2019?

Did you set any? Have you managed to stick to them? Share how you’ve done with your goals and what you’ve learned from them. I’d love to hear about your experiences and chat about setting goals for 2020!



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