Getting Centred and Sweaty at Hotpod Yoga

After scrolling through the site, wondering what it’s all about and trying to figure out whether I would be any good at it, I decided to sign up for my first Hotpod Yoga class.

A well-timed Christmas offer of a free trial class gave me the little nudge I needed, and I booked myself onto a Tuesday Evening class of ‘Hotpod Flow’.

The class promised an hour of their signature yoga session. Suitable for all levels, you move through passive and active moments in a toasty 37 degree heat and immersive ambience of the pod.

I was definitely excited to see what this type of yoga was going to be like for my mind and body.

The Yoga Class

I was met with a warm welcome by the trainer, who explained how the class would work and what I could expect.

It seemed like there was a lot of regulars in the class and there was a lovely community feel within the group. Everyone was free to move at their own pace and within their own abilities.

As you might expect from 37 degree heat, as soon as I stepped into this big inflatable pod, the warmth enveloped me (which was welcome after a chilly walk in the December air!).

The pod itself mixes heat, light, sounds and smells to create the perfect atmosphere for yoga and relaxation. Other than the heat, the smell was one of the first things that hit me: a sweet lemony scent!

I’ve tried my hand at yoga a few times, especially a few years ago when I regularly followed Yoga with Adriene videos online. I’ve definitely slipped out of the practice in recent years but I was pretty pleased that I was able to keep up with the regulars in the class.

The positions range from simple to moderate through to challenging, but you’re always invited to move at your own pace. Although some poses were difficult to do (and my legs were certainly shaking!), I really enjoyed giving them a go.

The total sensory experience of the class was great for helping to focus the mind. Once you’re inside, there’s literally nothing else to focus on other than the teacher’s voice, your movements and what’s happening inside the pod.

Ending the class with some relaxing stretches, breathing and a spritz of peppermint oil in the air helped to round off the hour perfectly.

You’ll definitely need a towel to wipe your brow and a bottle of water to glug from once you’re done though. Despite the gentle, flowing movements, I was sweating like I’d just completed a 30 minute HIIT workout by the end (and even before that!).

If you’re thinking about giving Hotpod Yoga (or a similar class) a go then I would highly recommend it. It’s a great twist on traditional yoga, and it’s a fun alternative to a gym workout.

But, be prepared! It’ll leave you feeling slightly sore (hello, upper body burn) but totally satisfied.


  1. Yoga is a gift that keeps on giving the more you practice. I love it so much! Great post that studio looks/sounds amazing!♡

      1. So worth it! You won’t regret it. The best part about yoga is it can challenge you and also heal you. :)♡

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