March Reading Round Up

I know, I know – I missed February’s reading round up but, after a jam-packed January full of reading, I fell into a bit of a bookish slump in the following month.

February was busy with travel (a weekend in Bristol with family and a trip to Porto with a travel friend), a relaxing week off work, a poetry evening, numerous nights out with friends, a theatre show and a podcast recording. So, I didn’t find much time during the month for reading, unfortunately!

However, I am back into the swing of things in March. A surprise delivery of books to my doorstep has totally changed the type of book I want to read in the coming months (at least, that’s how I am justifying the hefty book order I am about to place!) and I’m excited to dip my toe into different genres.

So, let’s get into it! Here’s what I read in March and a little review for each. Happy reading!

DO/FLY by Gavin Strange

Having read this before, I knew that DO/FLY was going to be inspiring and that it would encourage me to write, create and do more. That’s exactly why I picked it up.

The ‘DO’ series of books focus on a particular topic and give great detail, information and advice on how to do each particular thing, whether that’s learning to pause, growing your business or baking bread. There’s something for everyone!

DO/FLY is a great series of tips looking at how to develop your creative side projects, stay optimistic about your work and find ways to develop your skills and passions. It’s a quick, easy and fun read that really gives you that kick to start working on things that you love. It’s a perfect read whenever you’re feeling a bit uninspired or like you’re stalling when it comes to your own creativity.

Gavin is also a great person to follow on Twitter if you want more optimism and great design work in your timeline.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

What an incredible book. I fell in love with it from the very first page.

It’s beautifully written and really gets inside the mind of Cheryl as she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail solo following the loss of her mother. I adored the descriptions of the different terrains and landscapes that she journeyed through as well as the way she explores her own feelings, behaviours and encounters with other people along the way.

If you’re missing time with nature at the moment, then I highly recommend picking this book up as you really feel the places that Cheryl travels through. It’s definitely a book I am going to return to again.

The Nuckelavee by Oliver Barrett

Following World Book Day, I was very much back into my love of reading and eager to find different, indie books. I came across The Nuckelavee in a charity shop and as soon as I picked it up, I knew I wasn’t putting it down again.

The story of the Nuckelavee comes from Orcadian mythology and Barrett’s re-telling is beautifully written and illustrated. The hand-drawn ink and pencil illustrations are breathtaking and I was lucky enough to find one of the 250 numbered copies that exist.

It’s, of course, a quick read, but you spend most of your time poring over the incredibly rich, dark artwork.

Be The Change by Gina Martin

Following International Women’s Day, I was feeling inspired to start doing more to support causes that I believe in. So, I thought, where better to start than with some encouraging advice from the amazing Gina Martin.

Gina Martin is a passionate campaigner who successfully made upskirting illegal following a national campaign. She’s kind, funny and incredibly driven. I recommend following Gina on social media if you want to learn more about important issues and feel inspired by her commitment.

Be The Change is a practical toolkit and informative handbook for people who want to make a real difference to the world, in any way and at any level. It covers advice including how to use social media to garner support, how to get legal support and how to stay confident and committed whilst looking after yourself too.

Even if you’re not trying to change laws (just yet, anyway!) this book is a great one to light a fire in you to start really doing things to help support causes you believe in and to find your voice in the fight for them.

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

Queenie wouldn’t usually be the typical kind of book that I would pick up for myself, but after being kindly gifted it (thanks Ryan!), I was so glad that it had found its way onto my shelf. Not only is the cover design beautiful but it’s a funny, honest and interesting exploration of important topics including: race, sexuality, family, relationships and mental health.

You quickly warm to the character of Queenie (whose personality is well-developed in the book) as you follow her through some misguided and difficult moments in her life. I really enjoyed the easy-to-read style of the book and it was definitely one of my favourites in March.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

As you can probably tell by now, I am a massive fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s work. I have devoured almost all of his books in audio format (he has a great voice for storytelling) and I’m obsessed with his signature style of intertwining, information-heavy stories.

Blink is another interesting look into the psychology of thinking and the power of our minds to make instant judgements on things. It looks at how we develop our instincts, how they can be incredibly useful but also why it’s important to not blindly follow them all of the time.

What have you been reading?

Let me know your thoughts on any of these books or share your recommendations with me! I’m excited to start reading more (thanks to plenty of time spent at home) so I’d love to learn about some more great books to add to my list.


  1. Wow, you’ve been reading up a storm!!!! Sadly I’ve had to put my books down for the last couple weeks to move, but I’m excited to get back to reading this week! (I realize this year we’ve had a leap year, so my initial goal of 52 books has stretched to 53, lol) I’m intrigued by this ‘DO’ series, I’m all for creative inspiration!!!

    Ps: I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Liebster blog award in my last post. I hope you will check it out! I believe you are such a shining light in the blogging world and I really love what you do! All the best to you, Hannah! xo ♡♡♡

    1. Thank you! I have definitely been reading more than usual but I love it. I understand it’s difficult for some people at the moment but I hope you enjoy getting back into reading! The DO series is so good, I love how focussed it is on one particular topic too.

      Oh that’s so lovely, thank you! I really appreciate it 😊 I enjoyed reading your responses and glad to see you back again. I hope you’re doing really well! Xxx

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