Journal Article: The Future is Non-Binary

The Museum of Hidden Histories preserves the hidden history and heritage of Wales. Through outreach, restoration and research, it explores and shares some of Wales’ greatest stories, those that might otherwise have been lost or forgotten forever.

The new museum, run by my talented and passionate friends, is a not-for-profit organisation. Presently it takes form in an online site and pop-up museum which will travel around Wales running pop-up exhibits until it finds a home.

The Museum of Hidden Histories wants to bring people together in a project that the community can benefit from, by making history fun to engage with. They believe that everyone, whoever you are, should have the opportunity to be part of a community and to be remembered.

The Journal, Volume 1

The museum has just released its very first journal, and I’m excited to share that I have contributed a piece titled “The Future is Non-Binary”.

The piece explores the importance of recognising that gender and sexuality are each a spectrum and how acknowledging non-binary identities also calls on us to be anti-racist. It dispels the myth that non-binary identities is a ‘new’ concept and discusses how to be a better ally to LGBTQ+ people.

You can read the journal online here, and you can also purchase a print copy of the journal to help support the museum.

The journal also features great articles including:

  • International Velvet: A (very) Brief History of Attitudes to the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities in Wales and what the Black Lives Matter Movement means for our Future by Jon Lee.
  • ‘No Gods. No Masters. No Law. No Power. No Boarders. No Wars.’ Chaos, Claustrophobia and Punk. An Exploration of Space within the Icelandic Punk Museum by Rachael Lee.
  • Not as Massive, but Just as Real: Alternative Music Scenes in Small Welsh Towns by Ryan Williams.
  • Just So You Know: Essays of Experience Edited by Hanan Issa, Durre Shahwar & özgür Uyanik. A Book Review by Rachael Lee.

We’d love for you to check out the journal and let us know what you think!

Want to write something too? You can get involved with the journal. If you would like to contribute a piece to The Museum of Hidden Histories journal, you can see the submission guide on this page and find details to email the editor and discuss your proposal.

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